‚ÄčUpdated February 12, 2021:

Hours: LImited indoor seating, outdoor seating and takout.

11am-10pm 7 days a week. 

February 15 and 16 closing at 6pm. 


Hi friends! A few things have changed since March.  What to expect:

We take the health of our guests and staff seriously and are following state guidelines for social distancing.  We are requiring masks to enter and ask that they be worn when walking around inside , playing poker, pool or pinball(but you can take them off when seated for purspose of  eating and drinking).

When you enter on Marine, there will be a staff member at the very first register to greet you and take your food and drink order.  We've set it up to kind of work like a Starbucks; order and pay at the first register and then pick up your drink at the well(where our regular were used to ordering drinks before).  If you order food you'll be given a table number and we'll bring the food out to you.   You can take a seat at any open table with a green table tent. The green signifies that the table and surrounding area has been sanitized for your safety.  We are not doing table service at this time for the safety of you, us, and our community. So please do hop on up to the bar for refills.  This goes for outside seating, too.  

To create social distancing space, we've removed our booths and have tables spread out with at least 6 feet between. It's roomy and comfortable in here!  Because of the care put into table placement, please do not move tables or push them together to accommodate bigger groups.  We can currently accommodate groups up to 6 persons. Most of our tables are best suited for 2-4 persons.  

Prefer to take your food to-go? Order and pay online and just pick up your food from our window on 10th(by the back door).  There is a door bell to the right of the window to press if the cook doesn't see you right away.